B.A. Transmissions

Gearbox problems? We can help. We do not simply replace automatic gearboxes when they can be repaired for a fraction of the cost!

Automatic transmissions are the ultimate tool in driving convenience. Who wants to deal with all that messy shifting gears and pressing clutches? Unfortunately, automatic gearboxes can break down, and when they do, they tend to cost a small fortune to put right. At B.A. Transmissions, we understand that most people do not have thousands of pounds to throw at their vehicle. Not only are our prices among the lowest in the business, but we will always try to offer our customers a low cost solution to their problem.

What Services Can We Offer You?

Auto Repairs

It’s not easy to repair an automatic gearbox (hence why so few companies do it), but it’s often cheaper. If a repair will solve your problem, we will do it.

Auto Rebuilds

As much as we like to save money, sometimes peace of mind is just as important. With a gearbox rebuild, we completely strip, clean and check the transmission. Rebuilds come with a 12 month warranty.


Vehicles are getting more and more complex, with every system having an electronic component. If your vehicle is acting strange, it could be an electronical fault. We have the latest automotive scanning software on hand.

Air Conditioning

We now provide Air Conditioning regas, repair and maintenance services for a wide range of vehicles, as well vent and car purification.

Engine De-Coke

Over time, your engine can build up carbon deposits that can result in a number of problems. Using industry leading BG Products, we can make the inside of your engine look like new! Click here for a video on this procedure.