ZF6HP26/6R60/6R80 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

The ZF 6HP26/6R60/6R80 6-Speed automatic transmission, manufactured by ZF Getriebe, has found its way into a wide range of vehicles, from BMW’s to Range Rovers, Jaguar’s, Rolls Royce’s, and a wide range of Fords. It is, by most accounts, a great driving experience. Unfortunately, it is not without its share of common faults. Here you will find some of the faults we’ve come across on more than one occasion. See the bottom of the page for a list of vehicles that have this transmission.

Separator Plate / Accumulators

The valve body (hydraulic control unit) in the ZF6HP26/6R60/6R80 automatic transmission is an unfortunate weak point in the design. Inside the valve body are a number of components that wear down relatively quickly. When this happens, drivers may experience a range of problems with the transmission’s shifting, including harsh changes, sliding shifts, and even the triggering of failsafe mode. To fix this problem, the valve body must be removed from the transmissions, completely stripped down, and the worn components replaced.


Particularly common in Range Rover Sports, the torque converter commonly fails in these transmissions. The only fix is to replace the converter. If a transmission judder is noticed the problem should be addressed as soon as possible, as debris from the torque converter’s internal components can cause severe damage to the rest of the transmission if left.

Transmission Failsafe

If the transmission goes into failsafe and is accompanied by gear ratio codes, particularly 4, 5, or 6 gears, the fault is likely being caused by worn bushes. The fix is to strip down the transmission completely and replace the bushes.

Vehicles Running the ZF6HP26/6R60/6R80 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

This list should be used as a guide only, there may be exceptions (cross-over models, for example) where a vehicle on this list is not running a 6HP26 automatic transmission, and there may be vehicles not on the list that are.

  • 2001–2008 BMW E65/E66 7 Series
  • 2002–2005 Jaguar XK8/XKR
  • 2003–2008 Jaguar S-Type
  • 2004–2009 Jaguar XJ
  • 2003–present BMW E63/E64 6 Series
  • 2003–present Range Rover
  • 2003-2012 Rolls-Royce Phantom (2003)
  • 2007-present Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé
  • 2004–2006 BMW E53 X5 V8
  • 2003–present BMW E60 5 Series
  • 2005–present BMW E90 3 Series
  • 2005–present Land Rover Discovery
  • 2005–present Ford Falcon (BF, FG)
  • 2005–present Ford Territory (AWD Versions)
  • 2005–2008 Lincoln Navigator
  • 2006–present Jaguar XK/XKR
  • 2006–present Range Rover Sport
  • 2007–present BMW E70 X5
  • 2007–2012 Maserati Quattroporte
  • 2008–2012 BMW F01/02 7 Series (except 760i/Li and Hybrid 7)
  • 2008–2011 Kia Mohave
  • 2009–present Hyundai Genesis V8 4.6L
  • 2009–present Jaguar XF
  • 2006-2009 Bentley Arnage
  • 2008-2011 Bentley Brooklands
  • 2002–present Volkswagen Phaeton (Typ 3D)
  • 2003–2009 Audi A8 (D3, Typ 4E)
  • 2003–present Bentley Continental GT
  • 2005–present Bentley Continental Flying Spur
  • 2006–present Audi S6 (C6, Typ 4F)
  • 2008–2010 Audi RS6 (C6, Typ 4F)