Automatic Transmissions are expensive bits of machinery when something goes wrong, and, as vehicles become more and more complicated, it is increasingly important to diagnose a problem as accurately as possible before beginning work.


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At B.A. Transmissions, we have the latest diagnostic equipment to hand, together with years of experience with automatic transmissions. With today’s electronic-heavy transmissions, a seemingly serious problem could turn out to just be a faulty sensor, or a corroded wire.


The difficulty in diagnosing a problem in automatic transmissions can lead a lot of garages to simply offer a rebuild. After all, if you can’t determine the cause of the problem at first, you’re bound to find it when the gearbox is in bits. And, of course, it’s a better paying job.

It’s not always necessary, though, and we will always give you the option of a repair, when a repair is possible. A number of transmissions are prone to misbehaviour due to inferior design of certain parts that commonly fail. If you’re having a problem with your transmission, why not check our Common Problems page to see if your problem is there.


Unfortunately, automatic transmissions–like most things–do wear down over time. A brand new transmission should be good for upward of 80,000 miles before the signs of wear and tear begin to show (regular servicing helps to increase that number), at which point, a rebuild is the only way forward.

When we perform a full rebuild, the transmissions is completely stripped down to its component parts. All casings and non-wearable parts are thoroughly cleaned, first by hand in a solvent-based parts washer, and then in rotary hot wash, to ensure the everything is as clean as the day it was made when it is reassembled.

Next, we replace all of the wearable parts. These include all the rubber and/or plastic seals, friction materials, and the oil filter, as well as any other non-wearable parts that have a tendency to fail, and everything is checked for signs of any potential failure.

Our rebuilds come with a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty.


With something as expensive to repair as an automatic transmission, it is important to properly maintain it in order to reduce the risk of failure. It is generally recommended that you service your transmission (change oil and, where possible, filter) every 20-30,000 miles.

Of course, changing the oil in an automatic transmission can be a bit tricky, and will often need certain specialist tools. If you’re unsure how to change the oil of your transmission, don’t attempt to do so. We have repaired a number of transmissions that have failed because important bolts have been mistaken for the level bung and unwound, causing damage to the insides.

We can service your automatic transmission cheaply and, for most vehicles, while you wait.