Automatic transmissions are great to drive, but they can be expensive beasts when they go wrong. If it is possible to repair your automatic transmission inexpensively, we will give you the option.


As great as they are, sometimes automatic transmissions can go wrong. When that happens, you want the piece of mind that a thorough job has been done to fix the problem. Our overhauls come with a full warranty.


Using decades of experience and some of the latest diagnostic equipment, we can often diagnose the problem with your automatic transmission without having to undo a single bolt!

Competitive Rates, Quality Work

At BA Transmissions LTD we specialise in automatic transmissions, and we take pride in being good at what we do.

News and Info


The ZF 6HP26/6R60/6R80 6-Speed automatic transmission, manufactured by ZF Getriebe, has found its way into a wide range of vehicles, from BMW’s to Range Rovers, Jaguar’s, Rolls Royce’s, and a wide range […]

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Mercedes-Benz 5G-Tronic (722.6)

The Mercedes-Benz 5G-Tronic automatic transmission, also known as a 722.6 transmission, is an electronically shifted 5-speed automatic transmission. It is fitted to a number of vehicles within the Mercedes-Benz range, […]

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