B.A.Transmissions Warranty

All reconditioned transmissions from B.A. Transmissions are provided with a warranty. In cases where the transmission is repaired, rather than reconditioned, only the repair itself is guaranteed, except in cases where the repaired part/mechanism has failed due to other faults in the transmission or vehicle. Warranty claims on individual parts (not limited to transmissions) will only be considered valid if the part has failed due to a defect in the part itself or improper fitting on the part of B.A. Transmissions.

In cases where an individual part (or parts) has been replaced, the fitting of said part is guaranteed by B.A. Transmissions, but the warranty of the part itself is subject to the part supplier, and may vary. In cases where second hand parts are used, or parts are supplied by the customer, no warranty can be given by B.A. Transmissions.

B.A. Transmissions’ warranties, unless otherwise stated, are for a period of 12 months, or 12,000 miles of usage (6 month/6,000 miles for commercial vehicles). The warranty for reconditioned transmissions is subject to the following terms;

  • The warranty only applies to the gearbox, and does not cover external components, such as transfer boxes or fly wheels.

  • If the transmission uses a torque converter, and one is NOT supplied by B.A. Transmissions, the warranty will not cover said converter, nor does it cover any damage to the transmission caused as a result of a faulty torque converter that was not supplied by them. B.A. Transmissions recommend a new/reconditioned torque converter is fitted with all reconditioned transmissions that use a converter.

  • The warranty does not cover damage to the transmission that is the result of faulty external components on the vehicle, for example, water contamination as the result of a faulty coolant system.

  • The warranty covers the mechanical components of the transmission only, and does not include electronic components, such as the electronic control unit (ECU).

  • The warranty does not cover damage to the transmission as a result of external trauma, such as a collision, or grounding the vehicle on a speed bump

  • If a third party is fitting the transmission, the coolant system (where applicable) MUST be flushed, and the correct amount of the correct oil/transmission fluid must be put into the transmission (this may differ depending on the transmission). Failure to do so will void the warranty.

In cases where there is a warranty claim on a loose transmission (a transmission we have supplied, or a third party removed transmission from vehicle for us to repair/recondition) B.A. Transmissions may offer to recover the whole vehicle if feasible. This is a courtesy only, and cannot be guaranteed. Collection of vehicle does not guarantee B.A. Transmissions will also deliver said vehicle. This should be discussed before the vehicle is collected.

If in doubt, please contact us. If you suspect there to be a fault with a transmission we have reconditioned, contact us. Driving a faulty transmission will almost always exacerbate the problem, and will void your warranty.